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Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

Reason #10: Mental Health

-IMG_4451ef.jpg~c100Most of us have seen someone in our family who has gone through a mental health challenge of some sort. In many cases, it is the aging process that initiates these terrible conditions that removes the soul from the body and leaves only a shell of the loved one. We speak of the compassion for the one suffering but, if honestly allowed it, we would admit that our thoughts quickly jump to “Is this going to happen to me some day?”

In this era of fitness awareness, people are beginning to look  for ways to challenge their minds as well as their muscles. Many have found that ballroom dancing does just that. There are so many memory challenges to ballroom. From the hundreds of variations and patterns of the feet to the quick reflexes of the body, the mind is working all the time. Men must complete the current variation while planning the next variation. Women must complete the current variation and respond almost immediately to the new lead without stepping out of the dance.

One of the reasons I participate in showcase performances is for the mental challenge. As a high school/college student, I memorized pages of lines in plays and absorbed hundreds of pages of academic information to get my education. I don’t have those opportunities anymore. Now, the showcase routines are my chance to challenge my memory capacity and try to beat off mental atrophy.

Thanks to my friend Gayle Goad (aka GG), I read an article and found the link of a lady who found ballroom dancing in the mist of her struggles with Alzheimer’s. Enjoy her victory over mental illness and watch those SPLITS, oh my!

Click here to see her dance:   Hazel Minnick 2013 Silver Stars 

See You on the Floor!

No Talent? No Experience? No Problem!

1185393_10153135567535387_1093077865_nI am so excited to announce that as of May 1, I will be teaching beginner ballroom at DanceQuest Dance Studio in Nashville. Half of you who read my BLOG know of my passion for ballroom and the other half of my friends know my passion for teaching. Now, I have the amazing opportunity to combine those two loves and begin to share with others that which has been so important to Tom and myself for the last 8 years.

This is a class for absolute beginners. To those who have said you have no talent and to those who have said you have no experience, this is where you start. I’ll start with the most basic of concepts and show you how to get from here to the dance floor.

To my dance buddies, spread the word to your non-dancing friends and let me introduce them to the world of ballroom.

Classes will be held starting May 1st on Thursday nights – 7 pm at DanceQuest.

Click “Kibble’s Class” at the top of the page for all the details.

See you on the Floor on Thursday, May 1st.

Join Us Tonight

blizzardWith some Butterscotch Bread Pudding in the oven and an energetic dance mix on the computer, Tom and I are ready to warm up the evening tonight at Legacy. Please join us tonight at 8.

Legacy This Saturday

A_Winter__s_Dance_by_iKinkCome out of the cold and warm up at Legacy Dance.

This Saturday, January 25th, 8-11 pm


21 and up

$10 per person

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

There are so few things to do for entertainment at this time of the year. During the Christmas break, Tom and I had our yearly visit to the movie theater. In addition to it costing $10.50 each to get in and them trying to sell us $10 bags of popcorn, we found ourselves imprisoned to 25 minutes of commercials at the beginning of the movie. That is why we only do it once a year.

Shopping is not a good option since I hate shopping to begin with and have no money to spare at this time of the year.

I guess the best solution is to head to the dance floor.

Here are some dancing opportunities in addition to the normal scheduled dance events:

  • January 11, (don’t have verification of time) – Dance Essentials Workshop, DanceQuest, Nashville
  • January 19, 2-5 pm – USA Dance at the DanceQuest Studio, Nashville
  • January 25, 8-11 pm – Legacy Dance at The Warehouse, Murfreesboro
  • February 1, 7 pm – Anniversary Party at the Warehouse, Murfreesboro

I’m sure that February events will be filling up the calendar soon so I will try to get a list of theses as soon as I can. Feel free to email me about any other dance events happening in the area.

See You on the Floor!

My First Love

IPOD066From the title of this BLOG, you might be expecting a story about Tom, dancing, or the kids and grandkids. Though all of those are great loves of my life, there is a love that began years before – even in years no longer remembered. The first great love of my life was MUSIC. There are some basic truths about music: Loving music requires no talent, no instruction, no props. It is a true gift. One has only to take from music. No return favor is required.

In my earliest memories, I sang along with my parents’ choice of music, whether it be Harry Belafonte, the Ray Conniff Singers , or the soundtrack to the Fantasticks. Often isolated by being in a house with 3 brothers, music was my playmate. It never excluded me because I was too “girlie”. All I needed was the stereo and I had a world that embraced the dreams of that moment.

At age 7, I began playing the baritone ukelele and singing. I remember my parents at my bedroom door as I played Skip to My Lou for the first time. Later, I played guitar and sang wherever the opportunity presented itself. I even played and sang in a beauty contest while in high school!

Artists like Rod Stewart, Carol King, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle and too many others to mention, gave me my own world in which to retreat during the teenage years. Then, when in college, I loved the musical theater and singing in the Jacksonville State, Alabama A’Cappella Choir.

Sometimes, the songs from my past make their appearance into our dance mixes. They are more than a dance song. They document my life. I not only dance to the music but I also dance to the memory. Ballroom, though I love you, you must know that music will always have the title of “My First Love.”

See You on the Floor!

50 for 50

Another year has passed. We are another year older and another year farther along in our dancing. So, I figure, the two balance themselves out. Though I have added a few wrinkles, I have had some great blessings over the last year. I have watched my children grow in adulthood in ways that make me enormously proud, I have watched grandsons grow in ways adorable beyond words, I have spent time with friends and co-workers rejoicing in the good and grieving for the bad, and I have begun the 37th year of being married to the man whose love and strength bring sanity to this crazy life of mine.

And so, to celebrate, we will ring in the new year at Dance Murfreesboro this year. Legacy and Dance Murfreesboro will combine talents to host the first, annual, 50 for 50 New Year’s Eve Party. To guarantee space on the floor, Dance Murfreesboro is only selling 50 tickets. Legacy Dance Club will be contributing music, movies, and videos to provide an evening of dinner and dance that will honor the memories of 2013 and anticipate the joys of 2014. There will be a catered, dinner buffet and a chocolate fountain dessert for this BYOB event. All information and reservations are available at 

Join us on December 31st. We will look forward to celebrating the New Year with our dancing friends.

See You on the Floor to ring in the New Year!


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