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reproduction-vintage-dressesDavid’s Bridal at the Avenue has a great deal on some formal dresses! Many are summer but a few are a darker color or black which can be worn into fall. I needed a summer formal and found a beautiful one at less that 20% of the sticker price. Anyone going to the DanceQuest End of Summer Formal should check it out.

See You on the Floor!

Kibble’s Class Tonight – Single Swing and Waltz

swing_dance_undercon_cartoo.jpg~c100From Greased Lightnin’ to Footloose,  some of the best  party songs are single step swing dances. This high energy swing is danced in many of your throw-back songs and always brings excitement to the dance floor. Join me tonight at 7 at DanceQuest and I’ll teach you the basics of the swing along with some nice, graceful moves of the waltz.

Legacy Cafe at DanceQuest! First Sunday at 7!

35.gif~c100The FIRST SUNDAY at 7. That is the mantra for the new Legacy Cafe starting August 3rd. We will be hosting a new Legacy on the first Sunday of each months from 7 to 9 pm. It will be the same energetic music as before but with a new location and and a new time slot. With so many dance studios offering options on Friday and Saturday nights, Tom and I decided to try a Sunday night, Back to Work, kind of venue. It starts early, at 7 pm, and goes until 9 pm, so that we can get in one last bit of dancing before the weekend’s end and still get home in time to get ready for Monday.

These venues will be a relaxed, cafe-style atmosphere. Soft drinks and coffee will be served along with light snacks. The Legacy Cafe will be all about the music and dance and less about food as was done with the previous Legacy dances.

Many of you know that Tom and I love the search for great songs from all types of music. We are anxious to share those songs as we begin this new chapter of Legacy.



See You on the Floor!


Join Me for Waltz and Swing Tonight

Fireworks1.gif~c100What is more American than the swing dancing and country music?

Start the adventure and join me for my beginner class in Waltz and Swing tonight at 7:00 pm at DanceQuest.

See Kibble’s Class page for driving directions and detailed information.

See You on the Floor!


Join Me for Rumba and Foxtrot Tonight

Three_Sets_Dance_Partners_Dancing_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100512-030280-395053If you don’t know what a rumba 5th position is or if you’ve never done a foxtrot promenade walk, come to my class tonight. These are some of the simple moves in ballroom that give you style on the floor.

Join me tonight. 7pm at DanceQuest studio in Nashville.

See Kibble’s class page for information.

See You on the Floor…tonight!








Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

Reason #2   “Some Dance to Remember, Some Dance to Forget”

Mary2.jpg~c100As I count down my reasons for dancing this one ranks number two. Thanks to my husband for reminding me of these lyrics from the song, Hotel California. This is a perfect description of so many of the people in ballroom.

For those who dance to remember, each dance set is a trip down Memory Lane. I have friends who love Elvis, friends who love the 80’s music, friends who love the modern west coast type of music, a husband who loves the 70’s, and for myself, I love the nostalgic fox trots performed by Rod Stewart and Michael Bolton. To add a dimension of dance to these favorites is an added bonus as we enjoy the music.

There are many dancers who dance to forget. These special people have seen life at its worst. They have walked through life’s dark halls and need a break from their memories. The intensity of dancing – with its patterns, leads, and follows – chases away those thoughts for a few precious hours of the week and gives the mind and heart a small vacation.

Whatever the reason, dance is a friend to the soul.

See You on the Floor!

Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

Reason #3 – Social

calendar-ani.gif~c100“Norm!” greeted the bar patrons for countless episodes of Cheers. I wrote a previous blog about how this component of the sitcom is a satirization of the human need to belong. Ballroom dancing requires being social. It relies on a public venue where we can find music and a dance floor. Because of that, we tend to be a pretty close community.

Everywhere Tom and I go to dance, we find people we know. Once, in an attempt at a “date night,” we decided to go somewhere different to be by ourselves. As the night went on, this out-of-the-way place began filling up with dancers – most of whom we knew – and we realized our little secret had already been discovered by other dancers.

The true ballroom environment is positive and encouraging. Everyone understands what it feels like to begin and everyone appreciates those who have advanced. We fill the calendars with dance parties, competitions, formals, showcases, theme parties, week-end getaways … the list goes on.

It is a busy life once you enter into the world of ballroom. The TV is replaced with real people who share a common interest. Maybe, for some of you reading this blog, it is time to update the calendar and be a part of a group of energetic people who share this great past-time.

See You on the Floor!


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