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Legacy Cafe Closed for the Summer!


Legacy Cafe closed for summer.

Legacy Cafe closed for summer.

Due to summer vacations and holidays, Legacy Cafe will be closed for the summer. We look forward to seeing all our dancing friends again in the fall. Have a wonderful summer!


Tonight: Cinco de Mayo at Legacy Cafe

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ist2_2766519_sombrero_with_worm.jpg~c100Cinco de Mayo dance at Legacy Cafe TONIGHT. We’ve  got an energetic Latin sound on tonight’s play list as well as the traditional ballroom music. Add to that my salsa trio, some quesadillas, and a Mexican Hot Chocolate Fiesta cake and we’ve got us a Cinco de Mayo Party! Wear your brightest colors! Tonight at DanceQuest, 7-9 pm, $10 each.

See You on the Floor!

Legacy Cafe this Sunday

easterbunny.gif~c100In spite of the Easter holiday, Legacy Cafe will continue its “First Sunday at 7” schedule and have their dance this Sunday night, April 5th. A great dance floor, great dance  music and we have a party! Join us if you can!

See you on the floor!

Legacy Cafe this Sunday, March 1

ATT116969MA15814954-0001.jpg~c100Good-bye snowman, Hello Legacy Cafe!

With so many dance events canceled these last 2 weeks, we’ve got some catching up to do.

Join us this Sunday night at 7pm for some Legacy dancing. $10 per person at DanceQuest in Nashville.

Soft drinks and snacks provided.

See You on the Floor!


Legacy Cafe Tonight

Batman_zpsa3241b2a.jpg~c100You danced Friday night and Saturday night? SO??

You’re really tired? SO??

The weather looks crappy for the night? SO??

You’ve never tried ballroom and are scared to get on the floor? SO??

No sympathy here, folks. MAN-UP and WOMAN-UP and join us for Legacy Cafe tonight!

See you on the Floor at DanceQuest 7-9 pm/ $10 per person

The Devil is in the Details

Some people have asked me about the times of these events. Sorry I neglected my who, what, when as I posted my information.

DanceQuest tonight: Lesson at 7 and dance at 8.

Warehouse Anniversary Party in Murfreesboro on Saturday: 8-11 pm.

Legacy Cafe on Sunday: 7-9 pm

Roy, I hope this helps!

See You on the Floor!

“All She Wants to do is Dance!”

1a84808ab0d0938305a84bd7facab00fc7dc48a8.jpg~c100This song by Don Henley has become my theme song. It’s a great cha cha and fits my frame of mind – the more dancing, the better! So, this weekend is packed with opportunities.

Friday night: Mardi Gras party at DanceQuest

Saturday night: 5 Year Anniversary Party at the Warehouse

Sunday night: Legacy Cafe’s rescheduled February dance

Also, on Sunday, there is a Nashville Swing Dance Club dance. ( I really hate to mention that since I would rather people come to our Legacy – but I have great friends who support that club so I want to be nice to my friends! )Ha Ha!

So, dance, dance, dance!

See you on the Floor!