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Lead On, Men

Arriving at a dance venue the other night, I greeted a young man who was attending dance classes for the first time. Though his words were speaking of confidence, his face told me something different. He was feeling a bit cornered by his wife wanting to take lessons, not too happy that she was getting her way. I explained to him that once he and his wife begin ballroom dancing, the job of leading is all his. Though ever so gently, he will always call the shots on the floor . Once I had explained this to him, a calm came over him and he said, “I like that.” And I’m sure that once his wife feels that lifted arm or that nudge on her back, she will like it, too. So, lead on, Men. You’re in charge! See you on the floor!


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  1. No matter at what level you dance, sometimes it’s a struggle. “Ah, I don’t rember how to lead into that move or my timing is off.” But other times it comes together, and the lady lights up like a fairy princess. It makes all that awkward-feeling effort more than worth it. Let’s keep dancing; it only gets smoother and more satisfying as we go.


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