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The Quest for the Dress

Life is full of practicality. I am very responsible when  I shop for groceries, perform my job, or take care of the needs around me. I carry a purse that is brown and black so that I only need one purse whether wearing black tones or brown tones. Maybe that is why I love the fantasy of the dress in ballroom dancing. Searching for the perfect dress has a certain princess-like essence to it. Since high school prom (which was a loooong time ago, I have worn 2 formals: one to my daughter’s wedding and one to my son’s wedding. That is, up until I started ballroom dancing. Now I attend 6 to 8 formals a year and absolutely love the quest for the dress. See my next post: It’s ALL about the Dress for more on the dress. So, put on that pretty dress and feel like a princess and I’ll See You on the Floor! PS: That handsome gentleman at my side is my husband of almost 33 years, Tom. Stay tuned for a post about him, too!


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