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It’s ALL about the Dress!

Recently, we were at a ballroom semi-formal in Huntsville and some of the men were taking pictures of the couples in their semi-formal attire. After sitting back down and looking at my camera, I realized that all the pictures had been taken from the waist up. “Wait a minute, everybody get back up to retake these pictures. We are going to get full length pictures. It’s ALL about the dress!” So, we retook the pictures and I was relieved that we had averted a great calamity. This event had the theme Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Our group of friends had decided that, as a group, we would represent all the colors of the rainbow. “Kibble, you’re the only one who can wear orange,” they told me. So, here I go from department store to department store with my simple request. I need a semi-formal, one that is not too short, not too low cut ( I am a grandmother, by the way), not too plunging in the back, has a full skirt for dancing, and it has to be orange! And, did I mention that it has to be a size 4?The Good luck with that! attitude from the sales clerks was to be expected, I guess. Finally, as a last resort, I ventured  into a David’s Bridal shop feeling a little embarassed. Then, EUREKA, a pretty little orange dress with a wispy skirt in a size 4. So, bring on the full length pictures, lots of them. I worked hard for this dress and I want pictures! Not that I want to see me but I want to see the dress. I came, I saw, I conquered. See You on the Floor!


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