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DO Sweat the Small Stuff

Whoever said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” obviously has never been a ballroom dancer. Due to our daughter-in-law/dance instructor moving away, we started lessons with our new instructor a few days ago. As expected, we were asked to run through some of what we had learned so that our new instructor could get a feel for where we are in our dance program. As expected, we were a little nervous.  And, as expected, there were a few problems in our variations. As the lesson went on, I began to feel like Alice in Wonderland as she is shrinking, shrinking down to the rabbit-size door. OK, so maybe my heels weren’t going all the way into the floor for the cuban motion, but they were awfully close. Doesn’t that count? In fact, I think they were probably grazing the floor. Actually, if you consider the energy coming from my heels and the energy coming up from the floor, I’m sure there was a connection there…somewhere…right? Mmm.

My instructor didn’t buy any of that. Regardless of  how long I had been using cuban motion, I didn’t have it right. Now I’m working at getting that heel all the way into the floor. I feel the grounding that my instructor talked about. And, like she said it would, the settling is happening and the hips are moving like they are supposed to and NOW I’m finally learning the cuban motion! 

You have to sweat the small stuff in ballroom. Why just be on the floor when you can dance on the floor? I have to take a bite of Humble Pie every time I take a lesson. (It’s not so bad, actually. I’ve had it so often that I’m used to the taste.) Whether it be the head, the hands, or the hips, sweat the small stuff.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Madonna Archer

    I have learned to enjoy the taste of humble pie as well. As prepositions go, I believe I have been told to dance IN the floor. That implies digging in those heels that you’ve been told about. Definitely ballroom dancing is about ‘sweating the small stuff’!


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