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Permit to Carry…a shoe bag

You know how it is. You’re dancing out in public and you see someone else walk in with the shoe bag tucked under their arm. So, to yourself, you’re thinking: a real dancer! They must be one of us! Oftentimes, they are and you end up having a great time out on the floor. The truth is not everyone who carries a shoe bag should be allowed to do so. They should be considered armed and dangerous. Heaven knows, I am not for larger government, but maybe one should have to have a permit to carry a shoe bag. Recently, I have heard the distress calls from ladies about being manhandled on the dance floor. One lady dancer told me that her shoulder was thrown out so badly by a man on the floor that she had to see the chiropractor. Another lady tells that her finger was actually broken by this man. I have danced-no let me rephrase that: I have been thrown around the floor by this man and was scared to death that he was going to reinjure my healing back. Ladies, I have encouraged you to respect the male lead but, in this case, all those rules are canceled. A simple NO is sufficient. These types of dancers tend to be as bad at getting a hint as they are at leading, so no explanations, no excuses, just say no. If he persists, maybe you can tell him that you’ll dance with him once he shows you a receipt that he has taken some dance lessons and then he will have a permit to carry … a shoe bag! See you on the Floor!


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