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Me, Me, Me

There’s a certain amount of Me, Me, Me to ballroom dancing. I need to practice. I need to get that step right. What am I going to wear? Where am I going dancing? How do I look?  Fortunately for me, I had the chance to change that focus when our instructor asked us if we would join her and some other DanceQuest couples at an assisted living home. We gladly agreed. Upon arriving, we found a carefully planned event with a complete dance band, a rented dance floor, and a large room of residents who, we were told, had been looking forward to this all week. A bit of panic went through my gut when I realized this group of residents, along with their family and friends, would be watching us as part of the entertainment. ugh! As the band started, I was worried about, guess what – Me – until I realized that all I needed to do was just smile and have  a good time. So, I did. For the first time, my dancing wasn’t all about Me anymore. It was about bringing some joy to the lives of others in that room. Many had come into the room on walkers but were more than able to tap and clap to the music. Some shared memories of long ago dances. The 96 year old “birthday girl” joined us on the floor for a couple of songs.  We were a part of someone else’s happiness. Nice. Very nice. For one evening, Me was not important and We all had a wonderful time. 

See you on the Floor


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  1. Madonna Archer

    What a crowd! The event was standing-room only, and no more enthusiasm could have been exhibited anywhere. The Exotics were enjoyable; the support was great; and the twist performed by Ms. Naomi, the birthday girl, was an inspiration to everyone in the room. It was an opportunity to dance for the joy of dancing, and let many of the residents stroll down memory lane. You could see on their faces that they remembered when they did the twist and the pony and the watusi. Not about ME; all about music, rhythm, and memories.


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