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Happy Anniversery to my Dance Partner

33 Years Ago Today

Shall We Dance is one of my favorite dance movies. In one of the scenes, Ms Mitzi reminisces about once having the perfect dance partner. It is an uncommon blessing to have a husband who will dare the challenge of ballroom dancing. Fortunately for me,  Mr. Type A took the challenge and opened up an exciting new world for me. Each time he takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor, I am thankful for his valor. So, what are we doing on our anniversary? Dancing, of course! Save me a waltz, Babe, and I’ll

See You on the Floor


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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM & DAD!!! We love you!!!!!

  2. Madonna Archer

    Gorgeous then and gorgeous now! I wish more men could recognize that ballroom dancing is truly a ‘manly’ sport, not for the faint-hearted or weak-kneed. In my husband’s and my four years of dancing, we have observed at least four couples meet ‘on the floor,’ get married, and continue to ‘see you on the floor.’ Great way to make new friends–and continue the romance between ‘old marrieds’ (how not in a smooth rumba?)!


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