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Those Who Can’t Do, Teach

In the real world, I am a teacher. Because of that, I am reluctant to use the saying, Those Who Can’t Do, Teach. Sadly, in the case of ballroom dancing,  I have to say that I have found this to be a pretty fair assessment of what I see with some men on the dance floor. But first, let’s start with the men who DON’T teach on the floor. They are typically humble, patient men who realize how vast is the learning curve of ballroom and they understand how quickly one can be humbled. The male instructors at my studio NEVER teach on the floor and, yet, I learn so much from dancing with them. If I struggle with something and ask for help, they will give it quickly and continue moving around the floor. That’s class. In direct contrast to this are the men who will start giving advice the moment they lead a lady to the floor. The constant demonstrations and corrections are an attempt to bring the lady into their  virtual world where they have appointed themselves master teacher. They are using the dance to promote themselves. That’s not the way it works. WE are the picture, buddy! You’re just the frame, remember? I’m sorry if your confidence is shakey, but don’t use us to prop that ego . The great dancers don’t have to show what they know. It is shown every time they grace the floor. So, just complement your lady on her pretty dress and dance.

See you on the floor!

PS: I welcome your comments…even if you have a different opinion 🙂


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  1. This is another blog that needs to be in leaflet form, and passed out at the door to the men as they are signing in. And in fairness, perhaps you could write something about the women who come, wanting to dance, but they’ve never had a lesson…


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