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Politics, Religion, and Dance

It has always been said that, in order for a couple to survive in this life, they must agree on politics and religion. Though some have broken this rule and lived to tell about it, I think it bears a lot of wisdom. Now that I have entered into the ballroom dance community, I see that another component has been added.

Last week, a lady from my dance studio brought her friend to the dance. They had been seeing each other for a while and he had passed the other tests. He had passed the Character Test. He had passed the Companionship Test.  He had passed the Does He Get Along with My Kids? test. But NOW, he must pass the Dance Test. This isn’t a Fred Astaire test but it is a Is He Willing to Learn? Test. Dancers know that finding that special person means finding that special dance partner. Not being able to dance with a person would mean leaving out an important part of who we are. That would never work in the long range relationship. So, I hope that all the single dancers out there keep their eyes open for the one that will share their views on politics, religion, and dance.

See You On the Floor


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  1. I’ve been in ballroom dance for four years–and have known at least three couples to meet ‘on the floor’ and marry. It certainly beats the ‘bar scene’ as a place to find things in common. If you meet someone at church, bring them to dance as a test. If you meet someone at dance, take them to church as a test. I believe you can work around the ‘politics’ portion with a willingness to be openminded and respect each person’s right to their own opinion/beliefs. This is also true of religion, but the ‘ceremony’ of religion can make differences there more challenging.

    Singles out there, keep on dancin’ and perhaps your dream partner will be at the next dance!

  2. Being one of those single dancers, I have always said that I would never pursue a long term relationship with any man that either doesn’t dance, or isn’t willing to learn. I have a feeling I will be single a long time! lol


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