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Just Call Me Uppity

Some time back, an acquaintance got mad at me and accused me of being “uppity”. Since my first response was to laugh at their use of backwoods vernacular, I suppose  I proved their point. Call it what you will but I do enjoy things of beauty in this world. I do love a composition of  music whose melodic tones consume us for a few treasured moments. I do love the beauty of a dance that uses the human physiology to translate the music into a visual experience. I love a beautiful ballroom gown that acts as a co-star in a smooth dance. And, since I love to see the ballroom community acting at a level of refined behavior that matches this graceful sport, (…awkward pause…) (…longer, more awkward pause…) I get upset when dancers misbehave. So, this leads me to the topic of my next posting: Don’t Bump the Turntable.  Stay tuned as I continue being my uppity self. Don’t worry, I won’t mention any names!

See You on the Floor


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  1. That being uppity; is that anything like being a dance snob? It was one of those comments I’m not likely to forget, and has given me cause for reflection numerous times since. As always, I had to consider the source, but took it as a personal affront, none the less.
    I look forward to this new series of blogs. Having been on the hardwood a few years, I have a few war stories, as well. Thanks Kibble.


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