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Don’t Bump the Turntable – (part 1) Introduction

Don’t Bump the Turntable is a title that dates me for sure. That’s ok, I don’t mind. For those of you too young to remember record albums, they were played by an extended arm that housed a needle delicately gliding in the grooves of the vinyl. Unlike a jar to a CD player that simply skips to another spot in the song, a bumped turntable sent the needle screeching across the record grooves with a sound that singed the senses. One could be lost in the peaceful calm of a piece of music and then someone would bump the turntable and all peace  was lost. The bump usually created a lasting scratch that forever robbed the music of its purity. So this is the analogy I have chosen for my next BLOG feature, Don’t Bump the Turntable. What are the behaviors in the dance  community that cause this screeching and the scratching? I’ll discuss these behaviors which give this feature its subtitle: Dancers Behaving Badly.

Coming next:

Don’t Bump the Turntable ( part 2): Saboteurs!

See You on the Floor!


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