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Don’t Bump the Turntable – Saboteurs!

Part 2 of my Don’t Bump the Turntable feature is about Saboteurs. These are the people that, somewhere along the way, have gotten their feathers ruffled at a particular studio. Things didn’t go their way, they didn’t get enough attention, or perhaps they got confronted on their own bad behavior. So,  the scheming begins to design battle plans for luring students away from the studio.  Now, it’s a free country. We all have personal preferences for studios that fit our dance styles and objectives. No problem there. But, who in their right mind thinks it’s a good thing to try to hurt a studio? Are we as dancers not always looking for more places to dance? Do we really want one less dance venue? To the Saboteurs I say, “Take your venom somewhere else.”  Don’t rob others of the joy of dancing with your tantrum. Don’t Bump the Turntable! We don’t want the screeching and scratching of your actions in our dance community.

See You on the Floor


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  1. Love it, Kibble!! So well said and appropriately titled. I think this analogy extends far beyond just the dance floor, too. Thanks so much for your witty words! I’ve really been enjoying your writing and dance short stories. 🙂 Always a fun read!

  2. I have just two words – Amen, Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lauren Madachik

    Have I mentioned how much I LOVE YOU! 😉 Your blog made me smile!

  4. So does that mean rattlesnakes are not welcome on a dance floor?

  5. Amazing how you only take one side of the story to suit your pathetic venomous nature!!

  6. You’re right, Becky. I care so much for the dance community and want it to be the best possible experience for everyone.


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