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Don’t Bump the Turntable part 4:Dancing For Dollars

Don’t Bump the Turntable part 4 is titled: Dancing for Dollars.

 I used to hear stories about a local millionaire who would go to a restaurant, order a set up for a drink, and then take a small bottle out of his pocket to make his drink.  It made me furious that he would not pay the restaurant for a drink. As dancers, we are always looking for a bargain. Example, my Skirt Alert. I do think we have to be careful not get too cheap with the establishments with which we do business (a little teacher grammar there). Going to a place with no cover, drinking the water we’ve stashed in our purses, and dancing all night to a live band may give us honorable mention in the Cheapskate Club but may work against us in the long run. These venues have enormous financial pressures, especially in this economy. Insurance, utilities, and labor are daunting commitments for them.

In regard to studios, I understand that the cost of private lessons makes them a luxury item. My mathematical husband has calculated how much we have spent over the last 4 years on dance instruction. It pains me to hear it. However, these people deserve to be paid for their time, their training, and the upkeep of their facilities.  

So, dig a little deeper if you can. Tip the band, buy a couple of drinks, and sign up for a couple of lessons. Let’s make sure these venues are still around for years to come.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Eh- don’t worry. I’m sure what you’ve spent on lessons is at least half of what you spent on 8 years of piano lessons plus 2yrs of voice for me. I hate to think of how much y’all spent, but I do still play piano so it’s not all a waste!


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