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Horror-ble Dancers on the Floor this Weekend

Horror-ble dancers crowded the floors as this weekend was filled with costumed parties.  The Warehouse, DanceQuest, Dance World, and the Nashville Swing Dance Club all hosted dancers with creepy stages of dying and death as well as other imaginative costumes. Kudos to the Pink Slip at the Preston Hotel on Briley Parkway which had an outstanding dance party Saturday night! As Angela Oliver with Tom Williamson put on an energetic show,  dancers packed the lounge to standing room only. Unable to be two places at once, I missed some of the parties so I need your help: Click “Leave a comment” and tell me about your fun event and I will post it on See You on the Floor. No, really, click it now!

See You on the Floor


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  1. No costume parties here, but I did see some of the wonderfully creative and well executed costumes from the Dance Quest party. Hershey’s Kiss, Superman, Suzie Home-Maker…all adorable. You and Tom look fantastic, as well!!

  2. Hilary, I still remember your Bumblebee costume from a few years back. (smile)


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