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Donating the Dance

Honestly, I haven’t had much inspiration for my BLOG lately. It’s not that I haven’t been dancing. In the last 10 days, I have been to 2 formal events and danced at least 8 times! That’s a serious commitment. But, tonight, the inspiration came. We danced for an event associated with the Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce at the Carriage Lane Inn. With other dancers, we were recruited to dance for a bus tour coming to the Murfreesboro area. Our group included MTSU Swing Dance Club students as well as Joe and Connie Katima (2 of the happiest dancers I know) as well as others from Murfreesboro. We danced to entertain and we danced to promote our hometown. I was happy about that.  I donated my dancing for a good cause. Like going to the MTSU event last week, dance was a vehicle to support a good cause while doing what I love. Is there anything better?


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  1. Not much! Sounds like you and Tom are finding some new and exciting communities to dance with in addition to your Dance Quest crowd…I think thats wonderful!


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