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Who’s on the Hardwood? Patton James and the Synchromatics at Otter Creek

A live band, a gym floor, and lots of eager dancers crowded the Otter Creek Church last night. I estimated over 100 eager souls either taking swing dance in one room or cha-cha in the gym with Larry Giffin. Tom and I watched and painfully recalled the first steps we took as dancers. I watched one young man walk away from the lesson after struggling with the steps. I wanted to run after him and say, “Don’t give up! We’ve all been there.”  Reluctantly, I  stayed quiet and still and suppressed the Mama Bear instincts. As we watched, friends kept telling us how much we were going to love the band. And, we did. Patton James and the Synchromatics attacked the first note of their repertoire and never backed off. Their concentration being swing music, they gave the many energetic (that’s code for young) swing and jive dancers a place to strut their stuff. Graciously, they gave us more traditional dancers (that’s code for old) some beautiful waltz, tango, and  fox trot dances. And, all for the admission price of $7 each. Enjoy the youtube selection. You can also get booking information on their Facebook page. See You on the Floor!


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