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Sound Bite Friendships

For much of my life, my relationships with people centered around conversations over a carefully orchestrated dinner or an extended coffee break that  lasted well into the morning. Such indulgent exchanges, I thought, were required if one was to develop friendships. Then, I entered the world of ballroom dance and found myself developing what I call Sound Bite Friendships. The fear that this might be the only samba for the night or the need to practice the latest Viennese variation requires that the conversation be cut short with no guarantee that it will ever be finished. In spite of the sound bites,  I know about  their children, their grandkids, and their bosses. I know about their political views and their personal talents. I know some who have lost children and some who have lost grandchildren. I know some that have said goodbye to the love of their life much too soon.  I know some who are struggling to find work and some who have had physical challenges. I know some who are missing their home and their friends. In these moments of conversation, we solidify relationships that rival any others. I know that these people are strong and courageous. I cherish my Sound Bite Friendships!

See You on the Floor


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  1. Kibble, your writing is such a delight to read. I enjoy every minute of it. And today’s post is especially sweet.


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