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Making it a Holly, Jolly Christmas

Let’s be honest, we don’t always get a Holly Jolly Christmas. This Christmas season has been less than utopian for our family as some of them are really struggling at this time. Though with less zeal than normal, we are still attending many of our dance events. I sometimes feel these huge waves of guilt washing over me while dancing. Paranoid as I am, I wonder if people are critically judging me for doing this. Ballroom dancing is not just a part of the good times, it has now become part of the bad times, too. Dancing is a great stress reducer and  it gives me back the focus that I need to go back and face reality head-on. It recharges me to waltz to What Child is This, tango to Little Drummer Boy, and, of course, swing to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.  It is a new connection to the Christmas season that improves my state of mind, wherever it might be.

There are 4 more dancing days till Christmas!

See you on the Floor!


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  1. Loved your statement about “dancing days ’til Christmas”. And I, too, am concerned about judgement calls. This last week I had second thoughts about going to an Argentine tango workshop. When there are so many people who will have no Christmas, was I being selfish by spending money to be a better dancer? Perspective dictates the response…

    • Thanks, Larry. I’m afraid if I give up everything I love, I will become a bitter old lady and be sending out Baa Humbug vibes during this time. Who wants to be around that? We may see you tonight at the Skate Center. Thanks for reading!

  2. Okay, you HAVE to tango w/Nathaniel to Drummer Boy- it’s his favorite Christmas song!! I think we need to allow ourselves to do what keeps us going. If you stopped dancing b/c of everything going on with the family, you would suffer. How, then, could you be strong for the rest of us? So, as your daughter, I say DANCE!! Dancing gives you the ability, if just for a moment, to relax from all the stress of the last week (and months).

    This morning I decided to skip the liturgy for the Church’s patron saint so I could go to Curves. Yikes! I only wonder what some people would think of me. The problem is I NEED Curves like you need to dance. I chose to take care of myself (which helps me take care of the boys) this morning, and if someone thinks poorly of me, then . . . blech. They can deal.

    Love you!!
    Cassie Lee

  3. I’m sorry that some of your family are struggling right now. Remember that this season of remembrance is about life overcoming death, light breaking through the darkness, and despair giving way to hope. As you dance you proclaim the good news of the Lord of the Dance! I am a witness to your light and life as you dance. Merry Christmas to one of the sweetest dancers of light that I know!


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