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Picking the Perfect Co-star

As the last neglected piece of coconut cake stares at me from under its glass dome and the house is quiet from her departed guests, I feel a little insecure without my legal pad To Do list. However, this week is not without a purpose. This is the week where many dancing ladies have the important task of picking out our Co-star for New Year’s Eve. The Co-star, of course, being that perfect dress that will share the spotlight with us for the evening. “Long or Short?” is the first question. There are  other important questions: Do we want elegant, Lawrence Welk-ish style that will enhance the smooth dances? Or, do we want sassy, swishy style that will flip appropriately with the cha-cha and rumba? Then, there is the is the great twirling dress that will spread its wings as we swing dance through the night. Another angle of questioning is also important. Do we want the tight as we can get it dress that gives us credit for every donut and french fry we have refused over the past year or do we want to relax the fit a little and allow for that buffet dinner that will be served prior to the dance? If you are a man reading this post, I am guessing you don’t get all this, and I apologize. Be grateful, men, that  I am not discussing the just for girls aspect of this endeavor by mentioning the 5 letter word that causes the bravest of women to shudder … s***x!

So, get your Co-star ready for Friday night and we will ring in the New Year with style.

Enjoy this clip of amazing dresses.

See You on the Floor on New Year’s Eve!


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  1. This was always one of my favorite scenes from My Fair Lady…the costumes are stunning and the humor is fantastic! Good luck with the dress search!


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