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“Just Follow Me”

Jim Sullivan was owner/instructor of DanceQuest dance studio with his wife Debbie. When Jim lost the fight against cancer, he left a hole in the dance community, especially at DanceQuest. Last Saturday evening, a group of friends and family gathered for a one year memorial for Jim. As we shared stories and thoughts about Jim, I was impressed by these truths:

  • Jim was an artist. What he did, he did with the fluidity of a master craftsman
  • Jim was a naturally shy man who came to life through his dancing
  • Jim was brilliant. He could choreograph and perform 20 routines for a single showcase event.
  • Jim was known for a mischievous look that meant he was up to something
  • Jim’s wife, Debbie, is courageous and strong. She has been through the full calendar of their birthdays, their anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and, now, the one year memorial of his passing. In spite of all this, it is Debbie’s laughter that constantly brightens the studio atmosphere.

Jim used the logo “Just Follow Me” in his work and we did and we wish we still could.

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See You on the Floor!


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  1. Wow . . . I wish I could have know him, although I feel like I do with all you’ve talked about him over the last few years. I have such respect for Debbie in how she’s carried on, and I’m proud of all of you for not letting grief get in the way of what Jim loved so much- dancing. Love you!

  2. Jim had a great personality. It was nice to be around him.

  3. I can remember Jim and Dana joking late one Friday night (after all the guests had been long gone and the instructors sat around snacking). They said the next Summer’s mosquitos wouldn’t know what to do with Jim’s blood after all his chemo treatments…they joked back and forth and laughed so much! Jim was not easily beaten down. I will always remember that. Memory Eternal Jim!

  4. “Don’t look down; look at my eyes.” These were words Jim used with me as a new dance student–and as I moved through four years of dance lessons at his and Debbie’s studio. When I stepped on the floor with Jim, my confidence fled–how could I possibly dance with ‘The Master’? But those words apply to more than dance; don’t look down (or back)–look straight ahead or better yet, UP. Believe in yourself and trust the leader. Jim never failed me in dance–and God always knows best.

  5. Debbie Sullivan

    Thanks Kibble and to everyone for the kind words in remembrance of Jim. He would be so humbled by them. Wow I can’t believe it has been a year. I was so blessed to have danced through life with him. I am now learning to dance with his sweet memory. Kibble you called me courageous and strong which I don’t always feel but if that is so it is because of the prayers and love I have around me. A big thank you and a hug to everyone. Let’s keep dancing!


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