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The Showcase Dilemma-The Cynic

Part one of my Showcase Dilemma is subtitled The Cynic. For four years, Tom and I have been taking dance lessons and have successfully managed to stay out of any Showcase event. Reason being,  I have had some issues about this studio practice. Issue one was the money. Watching dancers spend hundreds of dollars on their showcase experience made me question the motives of certain studios. The additional lessons, entry fees, costumes, shoes, and sometimes extra paid dancers varies from studio to studio but can add up to an enormous amount of money. Secondly, there are the performances themselves. As a spectator, I have wondered if I admire students for taking this hobby to its natural extension or do I see these students as people trying to achieve some unfulfilled fantasy of being a professional dancer?  Even with all the preparations and pomp, aren’t they still just amateurs? Can any amount of instructor razzle dazzle bring these everyday people to a point of professionalism? The third issue I have had is questioning the benefits of the showcase. When will they ever use this again? Why spend all this time learning a routine when you can be moving forward with your regular lessons?

Hopefully, you can appreciate the irony to the fact that Debbie asked us to be in the showcase at DanceQuest on February 5th. Soon after that, Becky asked us if we would be interested in doing a showcase at Dance Murfreesboro. If you hear a great splashing sound, that is us plunging into the icy waters of showcase performance. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting our experiences as I go head to head with my cynicism. Please join my commentaries at any time by posting a comment. Stay tuned.

See you on the floor!


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  1. Having been involved in showcase routines from the other side of the equation, it will be interesting to follow you on your journey…

  2. I can say from my three showcase appearances (soon to be four) that I have made considerable improvement in certain aspects of the dance. Spinning/turning/tightening up the turn/pivots–oh those dreaded pivots–all steps that are in each dance we enjoy. Thanks to the extra focus, I feel more confident about these steps when they are led in any dance. And I just love the preparation; love the rehearsals; love the choreography. Not so much the actual showcase! I do it for the fun of it…like a piano recital for my nephew or a karate exhibition for my son–or a dance showcase for my daughter and granddaughter–who thinks it is great that Mimi Otter is in a ‘recital’!

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m glad you mentioned family. I haven’t yet had the nerve to invite my kids. I’ve been thinking about my grandson who dances with us in the livingroom.


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