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The Showcase Dilemma-Getting Started

When we agreed to participate in the showcase, our instructor suggested that we do a waltz. I was excited about that. I love the waltz. Also, I think it is a dance that mature people like us can perform without gagging the audience. Let’s be real, does anyone really want to watch a lady such as myself doing a hot salsa? I’d rather not create what my poetic husband describes as an “ice pick moment” where spectators want to poke out their eyes. Needing to select the music quickly, I clicked through over 100 songs on our limited collection of CDs in the next 24 hours. I found a song that fit the style, tempo, and message criteria and gave it to Debbie the next day. 

Our first lesson was promising. From a previous dance, we already knew the intro. Then, the next 16 measures were a combination of variations we had learned in other workshops. Not too bad for beginners, I thought. The lyrics and the swell of the music were matching up beautifully to Debbie’s choreography. As expected, we added an additional class for the week. In the studio, our friends seemed to be excited that we had finally entered the inner sanctum of the dance community. We can do this, I thought. I’m visualizing a classical masterpiece in my mind.

Then, the next level hit. That’s the next post. Stay tuned.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. I love your choice of dance; waltz is my favorite. This is going to be great!


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