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The Showcase Dilemma-Running the Gauntlet

We started this lesson by telling our instructor that we were reserving judgement on whether or not we could make the deadline. Coming out of a difficult day, I was sorry that this night might be the deciding factor.  Our instructor understood but wasn’t willing to give up on us yet. Talking it through, having her dance it with me for the camera, then going over and over the steps made me see that we were closer to the end than I realized. Half way through the lesson, we were putting it together. By the end of the lesson, we danced the entire routine from start to finish. One more time. Then, again. Maybe my brain CAN handle this, I thought. Still a long way to go but my greatest fear has been tempered by tonight’s lesson. To my instructor, I say THANK YOU for hanging in there. Still rough, but getting there. No one runs a gauntlet withour some bumps and bruises.

As Tom and I left the studio, we kissed and agreed that we had ended a very bad day on a good note.

See you on the Floor!


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  1. woohoo!!!! I’m so happy it was a good lesson!!

  2. I think that is wonderful! (Debbie probably knew you would be alright all along!).


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