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Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Showcase…

Like the pilots feeling the g-force of a take off, we are feeling the acceleration into Saturday’s Showcase. Out of a week of pounding stress and physical challenges, we are heading into the great yonder of performance. We had our last rehearsal tonight. The studio was full of rehearsing couples, each taking turns and sharing their precious last moments of rehearsal time with each other. The camaraderie was touching. Dresses and shoes were examined and admired; routines were cheered and praised; stories of wardrobe malfunctions were told with delight. I came home with a couple of realizations:

In a world that thrives on the destruction of other human beings, these people build up and encourage each other. They cheer and applaud their dance friends and are glad to see them succeed. I cannot even express how welcomed is that component.

In a world where couples fight and rip each other’s hearts out, Tom and I have been partners in achieving a goal. Not a great goal in the whole scheme of the world, but a goal, nonetheless. Though we could have taken the route of dancing separately with instructors and, certainly, enjoyed doing so, we are dancing together. We are a team.

So, we still have wardrobe decisions to make, make-up to buy, and shoes to shine but we are ready for our adventure.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. I wish we could be there to share the joy of the dance with you. I know you will be wonderful. Enjoy!


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