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Showcase Dilemma-The Final Chapter

The Showcase at DanceQuest was a great success today. With over 21 dance numbers featuring devoted performers, I was proud to be a part of this Showcase.

Apprehension swept through me when I first arrived and found that the competition level dancers had commandeered the dressing room. Oh well, I thought. I cannot allow my mind to go there. We lined up behind the curtain to wait our turn. We’re introduced, we make our entrance, and the music begins. Slightly nervous, but confident in our routine, we danced through our steps with no major mistakes. Thankfully, this audience was warm and supportive. We felt good about our first Showcase experience.

So, how did the Showcase cynic do after all this?

First, the money aspect. Yes, the doubling up of lessons is an increased cost over our usual budget for dancing. As Tom and I broke down the cost, we found that the cpv (cost per variation) (my terminology)  was the same as our usual cpv in private lessons. This was just a more concentrated time period. Then, the cost of costuming really varies from dancer to dancer but my cost was minimal since I am a sale shopper when it comes to dresses.

Second, the performance angle. I found that, for us, this was about taking our dance knowledge to the next level. Like most of the other dancers, we were interested in doing the best that we could do for us. As we danced, I felt more like we were sharing something rather than performing something.

Third, the application of what we learned. As we look at the variations we learned, we feel like we can work many of them into our regular dancing. Our instructor says she will help us do that.

Overall, a great time. My sincere thanks to all our friends and instructor.

I am SO GLAD that I was in the Showcase!

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Congratulations! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I am SO GLAD you are SO GLAD that you danced in Showcase!


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