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Steer Clear of Revolver Saloon and Dance Hall

Rarely do I completely trash a dance venue. I can usually find some redeeming quality about any place we go. However, my decision to try out the new Revolver club at the Clarion Hotel in Murfreesboro was a big mistake. Located at I-24 and Hwy 96, it said “Dance Hall” on their sign so we thought we’d pop in and see if we could do a few country dances.

It started off with being greeted by a rambo kind of guy checking ID’s and the cashier taking our $7/pp cover without as much as looking up at us. OK, so I’m coming and supporting their place of business and they’re acting like they’re doing me a big favor. Interesting concept. Inside, they have copied the Riverstone Saloon concept with the corraled dance floor. This works thematically but the floor itself was rough in texture as if it needed another sanding or two. After taking our money, there was no place to sit although several tables sporting a reserved sign sat empty.

A DJ lead play list started off acceptable until it turned to line dance after line dance. There seemed to be an inside group that took over the floor until we gave up and left.

The crowd was rude and “over-served” to the point of moving our belongings off Tom’s chair and taking his chair so he had no place to sit.

Though a clever idea, the texting screen on the wall allowed patrons to text anything, uncensored, to be read by the crowd. That made me extremely uncomfortable.

So, a big THUMBS DOWN on this one. On to the next!

See You on Another Dance Floor!


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