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“Grandmother Panics During Showcase Rehearsal!”

“Grandmother Panics During Showcase Rehearsal!” I could visualize this headline in the dance community. I was practicing at the Warehouse for a  2nd Showcase. Confident in an already mastered routine, I had been focused on the 1 year birthday party for my 2nd grandson, JT and never even worried about the rehearsal.  At the rehearsal, Tom and I were first up  to go through our routine. I couldn’t believe what happened: I was overwhelmed with fear. Literally trembling, I was unable to do some of my moves in the routine. Tom looked at me as if to say, “Where are you?”  Talking back with my eyes, I said, “I don’t know!”

Needless to say, the conversation following that practice was a little intense. Luckily, we got a second rehearsal and it was some better. Since then, I’ve tried to figure out why I panicked so.

It could have been the different floor. The Warehouse floor was a little smaller than what we had danced before. My visual cues were different and we had to make adjustments as we danced. But, that wasn’t it.

It could have been the stress of the week. It had been another torturous week for our family and I was a bit fragile. But, that wasn’t it.

I realize now what it was. It was the YPF! The Young People Factor!  The audience for our rehearsal was the other Showcase performers and they were all…YOUNG PEOPLE. (insert scream sound effects here) Some of these young kids are younger than my children! They are dancing Hip Hop and Zouk, for goodness sake. What am I doing here? I can imagine their thoughts: Stupid old folks, get off the floor.  Aaaahh, they remind me of my grandparents. Do I have to watch this? 

I questioned my participation in this Showcase. But, as my readers have noticed, I questioned entering the last showcase and had a great experience. So, here I go. The Zoukers, the Hip Hoppers, and (I forgot to mention) the Belly Dancers with a couple of grandparents thrown in.

Life is never boring in the dance community.

See You on the Floor at the Warehouse Showcase

Saturday, Feb 26th, 6:00pm


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  1. Oh, no!! I am happy your 2nd rehearsal was better. I’m sure it will be beautiful!!

  2. Yes, never boring and that’s why we love it. Keep your chin up, shoulders back, and head high…I know you can do it!

    • Thanks for your continued support, Hilary. I love the energy of the young people and I’m jealous of their flexibility and talent. I guess we can fill the role of the “Lawrence Welk” segment of the program:)


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