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Second Verse, as Hard as the First

I guess I thought the second run with the same routine would be a cake walk.

Surprisingly, here are some of the realities of this second showcase:

No two venues are exactly the same. A different size, a different shape in floor space makes a huge difference.

I was a lot pickier the second time around. I knew what needed improvement and my standards were higher.

No two audiences are the same. What plays well with one crowd may or may not play well with the next.

The excitement fades with the second performance and requires a greater professionalism in order to generate the energy.  

It is worth it to spend 4 hours hemming a different dress for the same routine.

If we thought pulling it off the first time might have been a fluke, pulling it off twice means we are dancers.

It’s OK being the Lawrence Welk part of a showcase full of young people. The beauty and grace of a waltz is timeless.

As I’ve phrased it before, dancing in front of an audience is more than performing, it is sharing. The beauty of the dance, music, and dress are worthy of sharing.  

Maybe this sharing will bring another person out of the audience and onto the dance floor. That would make the entire effort a rewarding accomplishment. My thanks to Dance Murfreesboro and DanceQuest for allowing us to be a part of these two events.

Thanks for reading.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. I always loved Lawrence Welk :). You all did beautifully! We were so lucky to have you in our showcase and I felt lucky to see both of your performances! 🙂 I love watching you all dance!

  2. Beautiful photo, Kibble…and that dress is stunning! I especially like the sequined one-shoulder arm strap. Now, where did you find that beauty?

  3. Madonna Archer

    This photo is gorgeous! I loved the dress in rehearsal–and this pose is stunning for both you and Mr. Walker. Perfectly matched–love you guys!


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