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Creating Memories

We arrived at our Huntsville hotel to attend a ballroom dance event. Our friend, who was joining us for the first time, commented on how much luggage we had for just one night. I acknowledged that it was a little much for a 24 hour trip. However, packaged in those suitcases were the ingredients necessary to create memories. Sometimes, life needs embellishment and it is up to us to take the ordinary and dress it up in order to create a fragrant memory. One member of our group arranged dance reservations; one member arranged hotel accommodations. Tom and I began to pack for the dance. We had to pack 6 pairs of shoes for one night. We packed the formal, the tux, and the traveling clothes. I packed all the accessories from cufflinks to evening bags.  I packed a white tablecloth, glass plates, glass serving dishes, and home cooked appetizers. I packed the cameras and the photo printer. It was a lot of work.

The arrangements paid off as we spent Saturday evening dressed in our best. Mingling at the cocktail party allowed us to feel privileged for the moment. The dance was decorated with balloons in the air and ladies in beautiful gowns on the dance floor. We danced to the last sound of the band and I felt my shoulders droop as I realized the night had ended. 

The next morning, we met for breakfast as a group and I handed out the pictures that I had printed. Our friend said that he now understood why we carried so much luggage.

Our time together had come to a close.  All together, we created a weekend of lasting memories that will long be with us. Embellish life. Create Memories!

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Kibble made wonderful memories for Roberto and me on our first foray to the Huntsville Cotillion event. Not only was the cocktail party first class and worthy of a standing ovation, but it was she who ensured that photos were taken and the memories of that night preserved for us and others to share for years to come. We raise our glasses and click our heels in tribute ! Thank you so very much, Kibble and Tom!

    Looking forward to the next occasion already …


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