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Those Who Can’t Do, Watch!

It used to be difficult for me to watch dancers more advanced than myself. I internalized it as some kind of negative commentary on my own progress. Now that I’ve been dancing for a few years, I am beginning to feel a connection to the dance community. When I see the accomplishments of other dancers, I take pride in what they have achieved. Every mastered step is a credit to all dancers.

I have not yet learned the Peabody or the Quickstep. So, Friday night, when these dances began, I just watched. I took this video so others can enjoy.  It made me revise an old cliché: Those Who Can’t Do, Watch.



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  1. Love it! That phrase can be applied to so many other disciplines, but it is especially true in dance. You can learn so much from watching closely. Also, its fun to see videos of the Nashville dance community…maybe there will be more in the future?

  2. Awesome clip Kibble! Really enjoyed watching it!


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