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Dance Band 101

I love the boys in the band. They are a fun group of folks who take requests, remember our names, and bring a lot of energy to the dance floor. I appreciate the fact that a lot of practicing goes into preparing a 4 hour gig and that they spend a lot of money on equipment and don’t recoup that very quickly. All of that, I understand. They seem to love the fact that the dancers follow them around and support their performances. So, why don’t they bother to learn a little about dancing?

Rule #1: Know Your Dances

Last weekend, Tom and I went to a wonderful venue with a fun band. The house was packed and most of the attendees were trained dancers. The playlist was toe-tapping but song after song was a hustle. If it wasn’t a hustle, it was a night club. Hustle, night club, hustle, night club. oh, SWING, hustle, night club. To be fair, there was a rumba or two played in the hours we were there. With so many ballroom dances, couldn’t there be just a little more variety?

At another venue, the guitarist asked Tom for a request for a dance in honor if his birthday. Tom suggested a rumba. “What’s a rumba?” asked the musician. Most of his audience was dancers but he didn’t know a thing about dances. Now, he is a fantastic guitarist but wouldn’t it be a good idea to talk to experienced dancers and learn about dance rhythms in order to give dancers more dance opportunities? It wouldn’t take long for musicians to grasp this.

Rule #2: Give Us Some Space

Ballroom dances take a lot of floor. Either regulate the number of customers or regulate the floor. Overselling the floor makes it impossible for dancers to enjoy the dance. After a while, the restrictions just become frustrating. What’s wrong with playing a song where the smooth dancers can travel around the floor a few times and get their smooth dance fix?

I’m sorry if this offends any of my dance band friends. If you are ready for a Dance Band 101 class, it can be arranged.

See You on the Floor!


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