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Dancing Ladies

Not every lady that loves to dance has her own dance partner. There are many Dancing Ladies that attend dance events independently. I have a special place in my heart for these ladies. They come into the room with a  confidence that is enviable. Their glittered attire and eager faces let the world know that they are expecting an entertaining evening. They resist the spotlight of vulnerability. They resist the mental taunts: What if there aren’t enough men? What if no one asks me to dance? What if I’m left to sit here alone?  Engaging in conversation and humor during the evening, they enjoy the friendships and the dance.

So, Dancing Ladies, keep coming out, keep dancing. You are an important part of the dance community. You inspire us all with your committment and enthusiasm.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. I can see them all now… laughing, cheering, singing! Keep it up ladies! (Oh, and I like the new theme! Lookin’ good.)

  2. I am one of the dancing ladies and I truly enjoy it. Thank you for the encouragement and you will continue to see me on the dance floor.

    (sorry for the duplicate post but my name was misspelled in the first post. ~smile~)


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