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Too Much Turquoise

Photo credit: Katie, a former student of mine

In the past, when Tom and I were hurrying to attend our dance events for the night, we would find that we had both dressed in black. Black being chic in social circles, this was not a problem. Lately, though, it seems that the dressing faux pas are starting to occur on a more regular basis. I don’t know if it’s a commentary on how long we’ve been dancing or a commentary on how long we’ve been married. Should I be concerned that two reasonably observant people got dressed in the same house at the same time and did not realize that they were both in turquoise and black? Should I be concerned that just last week, we were running out the door to our dance class and paused for the exhalation as we found each other dressed in orange? No time to change; no time to iron an alternate shirt; only time to brace for the comments yet to come. And, as they came, they usually included the word cute. The condescension is irritating but, admittedly, well deserved. So, today, I made the decision that I would appoint myself wardrobe coordinator. Walking into a room now, we should be able to have conversations about something other than how cute we look. Lesson learned.

See You on the Floor!



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  1. hehehe Too funny. Y’all look great, but I agree you need to mix it up a little!!! Although I guess as long as you don’t match in your DAILY lives you’ll be okay! 😉

  2. I think people gravitate to wearing what makes them feel good….if it happens to be that over the years two people feel good when they wear a similar color, that’s great! They feel good together–it is beyond cute. It is a statement of compatibility, common interest, endurance, comfort. Jeffrey and I would be more apt to choose purple if we happened to hit the same color. Les and Gerri seem to gravitate towards yellows and reds. Don’t be concerned that it is ‘cute’–be glad that your marriage is so strong!

  3. I did mean to tell you guys how cute you looked last week but I had to take off early…. ;)…


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