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Studio Envy

Every dance studio owner has to deal with the dollars and cents of dancing: overhead costs, attracting new customers, employees. In this no-frills economy, I am sure that  is a daunting task. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of such a struggle is the development of STUDIO ENVY. This is when studios become so competitive that it becomes inhibiting to the dancers. Dance students of one studio are made to feel that visiting another studio is a type of betrayal. All too often, we have invited a friend from one studio to attend an event at another. As I talk to that individual, I feel as if I am painfully prying one gripped finger at a time off the ledge of their own studio. Worried that they will plunge to their death if they visit another studio, these dancers have been made to feel like a traitor if they make such a decision. Occasionally, such conversations will transpire in whispers and darting eyes as if some clandestine plan is in the works. Truth is, anytime dancers are out dancing, it strengthens the dance community. If dancers are free to cross-pollinate from studio to studio, more people will be showing up everywhere.

Lately, I have seen an increased effort from studio owners to collaborate. They are sharing ideas and talents. They are supporting another studio’s events. To them, I say BRAVO! As long as a studio is being run well, it can maintain its identity, style, and customers while interacting with other studios. If they keep the doors open, we will keep coming with more friends. Thank you to the owners who don’t allow STUDIO ENVY to interfere with our dancing.

Enjoy this fun clip from Dance, Girl, Dance to see some poorly behaved dancers.

 See You on the Floor!

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  1. I agree, totally. I couldn’t put it any better. Having the sense of freedom to dance whenever and wherever gives us all more “practice” and makes us all better dancers. The better we become, the more we want to dance. All studios with this open mindset benefit from having a steady flow of dancers who otherwise might not be there if studio envy were allowed to inhibit that flow.

  2. Not sure how i missed this post, but I totally agree! And your blog has a big part in that studio-to-studio, for the greater good of ballroom dancing mindset… keep it up!!


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