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So Many Dances and So Little Time

This week is packed with events for Middle Tennessee dancers. Here are a few:

TGIW! Thank Goodness It’s Wednesday! That means we can get our mid-week dance fix. Keep the muscles loose and the mind sharp by going to the Warehouse in Murfreesboro tonight. Class at 7; open dance at 8.

Friday Night: DanceQuest has their group class and open dance starting at 7 pm.

                         Dance World has classes at 7:00 pm followed Swing and Country dance

Saturday Night: Another big night at Legacy Dance Club. Ladies, how about Rod Stewart on the big screen crooning a Foxtrot? And, gentlemen, Christina Aquilera looks pretty fancy in her Candy Man video. Our local celebrity Chris Young will also be on the screen with his new hit Tomorrow. Add to this, dance music for everything from the Quick Step to the Hustle and something new called, Dance if You Dare! You don’t want to miss out on a great night. Click Legacy page if you need more details. (Oh, and I forgot to mention I’ve made homemade Kourabeides for dessert.)

Sunday: Lebanon Swings is going all afternoon and night with a workshop and open dance starting at 3:00 pm. Take a look at the details at their facebook page

Enjoy the Dancing.

Can’t wait to See You on the Floor!


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  1. Madonna Archer

    I am even more sad to miss it, you TEASE! ‘Dance If You Dare’ – Don’t you know I want to!!!???!!


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