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On the Dark Side of 50

Last week, the downslope of my 50’s began. I found myself less affected than anticipated – due, in part, to my dancing experiences. During the course of the week, Tom and I had two lessons on our new showcase routine. As we learned the routine, I struggled with the turn and ronde combination because of poor technique and, let’s face it, my age. In this dance, I have more independent moves where I am separated from my partner. This opens the door for my old friend, Doubt, to come in and block my concentration. As our instructor mapped out the choreography, my expression solicited comments from those around me. Sequences such as this one were inching me toward the panic button:

grapevine, individual spirals, twinkle to a double pivot turn, left-hand turn with an underarm turn, spirals, curving chasse′ to a check, twinkle, continuity ending, twinkle to flip-flops, fall away twinkle to rocks ….. 

Having been in this situation before, I knew I had to walk through the fear and into the steps. Let’s do it again. Let’s do it again. Like links of a chain, the steps began to connect and a calm prevailed. Though we have a lot of hardwood to cover before this project is ready, I came away with a confirmation on what we are doing. While others my age are talking about slowing down for this stage of their life, we are gearing up for the next Showcase. I am determined that this memory that fails me on a daily basis will somehow master the mosaic of steps that I am learning. This body that reaches for the ibuprofen on a regular basis, will , at some point, pivot and ronde. The finished product may be good or may be poor, but it will be a conquest!

See you on the floor!


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  1. One of the great benefits of dancing, beyond exercise and muscular control, and the fact that it is just plain fun, is that it also exercises the memory. What a great combination. Like you, I am past my half-century of life and still “living” in every way I can think of. Slow down? Not me. 🙂


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