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I Bought a Sewing Machine and What That has to do with Ballroom Dancing

If the title of this post makes you think that I bought a sewing machine to make my own dancing clothes, please allow me to redirect. Truth is, I have never sewn, don’t sew now, and don’t ever want to sew. I think it connects back to high school Home-Ec and the C I got on my sewing project. Seems the teacher didn’t like the fact that my mother helped  me with my dress project. Considering the fact that we were required to wear these dresses to school for a day, I saw no choice but to solicit mom’s expertise in order to prevent a fashion faux-pas that would haunt me throughout my high school years. Damaged by this experience, I have managed to keep these beastly objects called sewing machines out of my house for my entire adult life.

This worked for me until I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago. Piled in my chair, were hundreds of dollars worth of nice dresses designated to go to Goodwill. Meditating on those dresses, I made the decision to buy a sewing machine. The need for a  sewing machine is where this ties into ballroom dancing. These dresses were now too big for me  due to a decision to lose weight a couple of years ago. 

 As everyone knows, any valid weight loss regiment has got to include a regulated diet and consistent exercise. Years of treadmills and club memberships failed to provide me with any activity that could hold my attention. Enter: ballroom dancing. This new hobby began to make an impact on my entire lifestyle, especially my eating habits and activity level. Since people ask me about how I lost the 35+ pounds, I thought I would share some of the attitudes and habits that helped me achieve a long-desired goal. But, alas, this posting is already long enough so I will have to give the details of my story in Part 2 of I Bought a Sewing Machine and What that has to do with Ballroom Dancing.

Stayed tuned.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Madonna Archer

    And I am so proud to have watched the process–your wardrobe is gorgeous. I wonder what I did before ballroom dancing entered my life…..I think I perhaps went to Jazzercise a time or two more.


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