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Finding the Inner Diva

Preparing for this last showcase, we had a lot of fun talking about the “DIVA” moves in our routine. These were the moves that focused more on me and required extra confidence and a certain amount of attitude. A DIVA attitude says to the audience, “I’m here and you’re going to love me.” Though I’m happy with what I have learned thus far, I am honest about my dance level. In no way am I good enough to pull off the DIVA attitude based on my dance expertise. I did, though, find another way to discover the Inner Diva as best as I could. It’s very simple:


When Tom and I first heard Rod Stewart’s remake of Old Black Magic, we fell in love with the song. Many Foxtrots are dated and dull but this one had a kick to it. Stewart’s raspy voice and the faster tempo made us pick a Foxtrot for our showcase.  I loved the song.

The choreography designed by Debbie Sullivan was light and playful which was perfect for the music. I won’t say it was easy for us, but there were some moments that were fun and flirty and some moments that were graceful and elegant. I loved the dance.

Though I couldn’t say, “Look at me, aren’t I great?” to the audience, I could say:

Don’t you just love this music and dance? Isn’t this fusing of song and dance just the most wonderful thing in the world?

In spite of the nervousness and concentration, I tried to allow this passion for dance to Diva-up my routine a little bit. It was great fun and a great learning experience. PS: Thanks to Tom for suggesting the title for this BLOG.

Thanks for reading. See You on the Floor!


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  1. Where is the video? I love it.


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