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When the Miracle Cure Fails

A quick glance at my BLOG and you will see that I constantly sing the praises of ballroom dancing. I have written of the  physical, mental, and social benefits of this great sport. I have felt like dancers, including myself, can use dance to soften the blows of life. Sometimes, I suppose, I have seen dance as the Miracle Cure for everything. So, what does it mean when this Miracle Cure fails? What does it mean when one of our own in the dance community surrenders to despair? How do I grasp the reality that all the great social and emotional attributes of ballroom dance were not enough to rescue a troubled soul? With so many good, decent people in this dance community, why wasn’t there someone who saw the need and pulled him from the depths?

I remind myself that there is no Miracle Cure except that which comes from God’s power. No hobby, no matter how fulfilling, is great enough to overcome a soul darkened with hopelessness. Nothing of this earth can rival the healing touch of God. Sometimes even the best of people don’t know, don’t see. Sometimes, humanity fails.

With a sad heart, my prospective is balanced.

See You on the Floor.



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  1. Granted, dance may not save everyone, but it has saved many-myself included. Sometimes I think the despair is well hidden by the individual. This sad truth came home almost a year ago for Catherine and I as one of her best friends husband took his life. He left a wife and two daughters, ages 5 and 9. Sometimes not matter how much it puzzles us-nothing is enough.


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