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Nashville Ballroom Opens Its Doors

If credentials can carry a dance studio, then Nashville Ballroom should be a great success. Dance Director Anthony Lewis has a lengthy resume as a dance performer and was successful in attracting a large crowd of dancers, including myself, to their Grand Opening Saturday night. As a fan of any kind of dance, I am happy to see any new venue open their doors. 

I have been impressed at the professional quality of their website and Facebook. On a business level, I think the team of Tara Shaver and Lewis have wisely used the social networking tools to attract attention to their studio. The videos and photography certainly present an image of a competition level studio. Here is a performance that you will enjoy:

Honestly speaking, there were a few aspects of the Grand Opening that troubled me. The Nashville Ballroom Facebook page says, Nashville’s newest, hippest, most elegant social dance studio. I will give them the newest and hippest, but I don’t think I can agree with the most elegant. It seemed to me that they have already made the decision to stray from the most elegant. Due to the experience Tom and I have had creating dance mixes, I know that some hip songs come in explicit and non explicit versions. Nashville Ballroom has made the choice to use the songs with the vulgarity. That is their choice but I don’t see why they would run off paying customers in the days to come to make that point.

THE PARKING. This 2nd Avenue location really poses a problem with parking but, hopefully, by dance time on Saturday nights there will be some available slots at the surrounding Church and businesses. Ladies, I would suggest you always arrive with a friend or group.

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY. I was aggressively approached at the front door for my contact information. From that point on, I didn’t meet any of the staff. I finally found a place that I  could get myself a drink of water but I wasn’t sure if that was ok. I drank a sip of champagne from a little Dixie cup and that was a first for me.

Many of you that read my BLOG were there Saturday night. Please tell me if I am being fair about these comments. Leave me some comments. I can take it!

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Kibble, I think you were most kind in your comments. Mine would not have been quite so complimentary. It may be hip and new, but certainly not elegant. The lighting was very distracting and difficult on the eyes, and the dance floor a bit small for a crowd. A larger variety of dances along with music that doesn’t leave ones ears ringing, would have made for a better experience. Parking and safety is a problem.

  2. Kibble and Sandra, You both took all the words out of my mouth. T.

  3. I love your blog and am happy to have caught up on your postings since my last visit. Thank you for your insights and sharing them so eloquently with your fans.


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