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‘Tis the Season…Already?

Up until yesterday, my only seasonal contemplations were centered around whether to put scarecrows or mums on the front porch. Then, during the course of the evening, my focus dramatically changed.  This Save the Date invitation came home with Tom along with details about his company Christmas party. The company Christmas party? Dinner and Dance. The Save the Date event? Dinner and Dance. Ch’Ching! Add to that, Legacy’s Dance and a New Year’s Eve dance and December’s Saturdays are already booked. So, now, instead of the hunt for the perfect mums, I will begin the hunt for the perfect dresses. A couple of formals, a couple of cocktails, and I should be covered. Discount stores, here I come!

See You on the Floor!

PS: Coming soon: My Holiday Dance Calendar


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  1. Yikes! I’m still wearing summer clothes, how can I possibly begin thinking about Christmas? But the dancing will be fun and so will the gowns. Maybe you should do a series on the blog about your “12 Dresses of Christmas”!

  2. Great idea Hilary! I love it!!!

  3. Can there ever be too much dancing? I will be out of town visiting my Denver family on December 9-10–and as I was agreeing to travel, one of my thoughts was: Which dances will I miss? There are so many worse things to which I might be addicted–but I am definitely a ‘dance addict’! The dresses just add to the feeling of richness that comes from this ‘exercise’!


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