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Where the Boys Are

In today’s culture, you find won’t find many women who admit to a dependence on men. Even the most married of the married will still maintain a personal space that is independent and man-free. It has an almost ritualistic satisfaction. The ladies in ballroom have found themselves in a recreation that absolutely depends on men. The vulnerability created by that reality is uncomfortable sometimes.  If a dance is short on men, the ladies go home disappointed. Last Saturday night at Legacy Dance Club, when we had more men than women, it was like we hit the jackpot! Everyone was  thrilled and the ladies enjoyed a night of steady dance. 

I don’t mind saying it: Men, we need you and we are so thankful that you give us this great opportunity to dance. Keep it up!

 See You on the Floor!


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  1. Love the video! And yes, thanks to those “boys” who are always there!

  2. As I always say,”women love men who dance” 🙂


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