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“I’m Dancing in my Head”

Last week-end, Tom and I were heading out-of-town on Friday afternoon. Exhausted from the week and both sick, I had no idea how were were going to make a 6 hour drive to Indianapolis. We played a few regular CDs but soon started playing our Legacy Dance mix CDs that were in the car. Hours past and I asked Tom how he was doing with staying awake. “I’m doing fine,” he said. “I’m dancing in my head.”

I was so delighted to hear that honest response. Delighted, because I do that all the time! In a store, in a restaurant, at my school when they are playing music on the morning announcements – if there is music playing, I am dancing in my head. The compulsion to move when I hear the familiar dance rhythms must sometimes be resisted so the movement finds a place in my mind. There, no one can judge my obsessive behavior; no one can impede my steps. It is a wonderful place to dance when there are no other choices.

So, if you are trying to have a conversation with me while music is playing in the background and I seem a little detached, don’t be offended. It is simply that I’m dancing in my head!

See you on the Floor!


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  1. You write such heart-warming articles, Kibble. I love today’s because I think it is one that all dancers can relate to!

  2. Always! Then I have to decide if it is ballroom dancing or Jazzercise movement that this particular song is provoking. Sometimes it is both! I love that Tom ‘gets it,’ too. Jeffrey does not relate to hearing a song and ‘dancing in your head.’ I think we all probably do that when we are learning routines for showcase as well. If we cannot physically move, at least let’s think about the perfect steps we are executing in our heads.

  3. I get it!–but you can just act like you don’t know me if you see me break out a few moves in Kroger or shopping!


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