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Mean, Median,and Mode

I have to be honest. Even with quite a few years of education behind me, I still don’t really understand these concepts. One thing I do know is that they have something to do with the middle. I’ve been listening to Tom’s dance mix coming up for this week’s Legacy and I thought of this concept.  As I listen to Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle, I transcend to teenage years when I listened to his music. I remember where I was sitting, in which room, when I heard that he had died in a private plane crash. Now, here I am, in the mature years of my life, bringing these two extremes of my life together with a beautiful waltz to the sound of Croce’s voice. There’s  something very mathematical about all this.

Some weeks ago, Tom and I Night-Clubbed to a Glenn Campbell song that had been a favorite of  Tom’s when he was younger. I watched Tom as we danced to the poetry of Jimmy Webb’s The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress and I saw joy that this song had come back into his life. Our past, our present, now meeting in the middle.

February is the month of love and you are going to LOVE the dance mix for this month’s Legacy. You’ll love dancing as Joe Cocker’s voice cracks at the end of You Are So Beautiful – remember that? Also, there is one song that is going to make all the DanceQuest folks tear up, but that is a part of this mean, median, mode thing. We have to allow the music and dance to bring all those extremes together.

Don’t miss this Legacy.

See You on the Floor…THIS SATURDAY!


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  1. I know exactly what you mean! But then, you made me cry last month 😉 Music is definitely a strong conduit to memories…..thanks for taking us back!!

  2. Can you imagine the group that only knows rap music? And most of those words you cannot understand or then say. Music that spans the 1940s through the 2010s, what great selections! A little Frank, a little Elvis, a little Bing, a little Usher, a little Motown, a little Enrique. Can’t wait to dance to those memory-makers!


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