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From the syncopated beat of the Samba to the gentle flow of the waltz, I enjoyed every minute of Saturday’s Showcase at DanceQuest. There are several significant accomplishments that take place when people dance in a public performance. To begin with, there is the personal victory that comes with one stretching the borders of their comfort zone. As my friends Madonna and Jeff completed their first husband and wife performance, their faces glowed with affirmation that they had met the challenge. Others danced with physical challenges that should have but did not dissuade them. A few danced for the first time and now understand this daunting task.

One of my favorite aspects of dancing in Showcase is having the floor all to ourselves. As Tom and I move forward in our dance training, our variations get more expressive and require more space. In a Showcase, the floor is ours. We can sail down the floor and pivot to our heart’s content.

The last of my observations of Saturday’s Showcase was what I thought to be outstanding choreography. Jeff Cobble’s Peabody dance with Jane was a delight as the costuming and dramatic skills enhanced the clever choreography. Also well choreographed was the  Fox Trot that Tom and I danced as a repeat performance. Debbie Sullivan designed moves to Rod Stewart’s That Old Black Magic that matched the poetry of his song beautifully. Dana Heitman’s students danced Sambas, Salsas, and smooth dances with choreography uniquely designed for each dancer. Included in the Professional Performances was an powerful Paso Doble/Tango danced by Jeff Cobble and Wendy McHugh.

To all the dancers and instructors, WELL DONE!

See You on the Floor!


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  1. So glad to hear it was a success!! Thank you for sharing a few details as well… it makes me feel like a bit of me was there with you all. 🙂


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