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Owning the Floor

Sometimes, in life, you have to be a bully. You have to see what you want and take it.

Last night required just such an attitude. You see, there was this benefit in Murfreesboro. And there was this band called Music City Swing. And there was this group of ballroom dancers from the Warehouse and DanceQuest. And there was this dance floor.

Stuffed shirt politicians and young ladies in impossible shoes were oblivious to its potential. Those who live to be seen wouldn’t dare be seen on the dance floor. So, it was ours for the taking. From the first note of the band to the last of the encore tunes, the ballroom dancers took the floor and never gave it up. We found a samba beat in a swing song, caught a Viennese Waltz in the break music, (Tom and I missed that one, darn it!), and even found a tune that would make a Wobble. A creative and energetic group, we kept the floor alive for the entire dance. We owned the floor.

Many thanks to those who coaxed us into going.  Many thanks to all of you that made an underestimated evening a great time of fun.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. I wish I could have made it there last night. I’m glad you had fun!


  2. So glad you two decided to come!!! It was a great night….left those stuffed shirts and shoes in the dust.


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