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Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet?

Once again, we are embarking on the Showcase adventure. As is typical in this beginning phase, the feeling is that this routine may demand more than we can accomplish. It is packed with back to back variations that challenge the mind and the body.

Two hours of lessons with our instructor have given us the introduction to this part of our routine. With suppressed intensity, I tell Tom, “We have to practice this on our own or I will never get this.” So, with furniture pushed back and video camera hooked up to the TV, we work on the choreography introduced to this point.

We slow the video for a frame by frame analysis. We make multiple attempts. Disaster. Almost disaster. Not quite the disaster. Over and over. Kind of remotely looks like the routine. Disaster – back to square one. We continue to work through the frustration until we decide to try it with the music.

Like a musical wrestling match, we somehow come out on the other side of this endeavor. It was bad, but we had accomplished something. Catching my breath, I reach over to pause the music. “How far into the routine are we?” I wondered. There, on the timer, was the sharp reality: 40 seconds. 40 seconds??? I ponder this small increment and sigh. Are We There Yet? No, not even close.

Oh, well. On to the next 40 seconds.

See You on the Floor.


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  1. You will do it and be as lovely as always!

  2. I can empathize!!! But you are a beautiful dancer. You’ll master it!


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