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Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Recently, Tom and I have attended several events that are more conservative ballroom dances. The audience for these dances is a little older and I classify them as “old school” ballroom. Nothing epitomizes an old school ballroom dance more than the song Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens showing up on the play list. If you happen to be in the company of my husband at the onset of this tune, you will know his opinion in less than two seconds. His critical comments will spark the debate over traditional or contemporary music for ballroom dancing.

Will it harm the legacy of ballroom dance if we cross off Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens and Choo Choo Ch’ Boogie from the play list and replace it with one of the many triple step swings being sung by today’s country artists? Mama Loves Mambo  and Tea for Two fail to keep my interest on the floor but the Latin sounds of Enrique Iglesias or Marc Anthony have a passion that fits the rhythm dance . La Cumparista is a standard tango that, in its old form, is tired compared to the new sounds of Bond, Gotan Project, and even a new tango sound from an alternative artist named Goyte. Then, there is the almost-impossible-to-dance-to Strauss Viennese Waltz which can be replaced by many pop and country artists who are  giving us beautiful 6/8 beats.

Another solution to this music dilemma is what artists such as Michael Buble′, Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, and Sherry Kennedy have done. They have taken standard Foxtrot tunes and given them new life with a full sound and a slightly faster beat. These songs are always welcome on our playlist.

Though I appreciate the past crowd pleasers in ballroom, I have to say that the music has to motivate the soul before it motivates the feet.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment!

See you on the floor!


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  1. As one of the “newer” chickens, I have to agree. At the risk of offending any of our new ballroom friends I think bringing in more updated music might also bring in new faces and dancing feet. Of course we are still trying to figure out how to negotiate the traffic on the dance floor so this is only my very humble opinion. We are happy to have several venues available for our new endeavor. Thanks Kibble (and Tom)!

    • It’s funny to think of ourselves as the “younger” dancers but in many of these events, we are. One of the reasons we named our dance club Legacy was because we want to appeal to a younger crowd and keep the love of ballroom dancing from fading away. We have to update the music in order to do that. Thanks for your comments, Gail.


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